Can I pay by Direct Debit and how does it work?

Yes, all Season Ticket Memberships, can be paid for by Direct Debit, providing an adult authorises the use of a valid bank account to make payments. The cost of membership is spread over a maximum of 12 equal monthly payments.

The cost of prepayment will be spread over a period of a maximum of 12 consecutive months with payments of equal value being made by Direct Debit.

Prepayment will take place over the maximum number of months available with the final payment being made in May of the season to which payments relate.

Payments will be made on or immediately after the 1st of the first available month and continue to be made on or immediately after the 1st of each consecutive payment month in respect of Membership for the Season.

Memberships paid for by Direct Debit will automatically renew each season and the club will contact all supporters with a Direct Debit to inform them of the new payment plan.

For further information on Direct Debits, please see our Terms & Conditions - HERE

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