What happens if I miss a payment or I cancel my Direct Debit before the full payment has been made?

In the event of a missed payment of a Direct Debit prepayment plan before full payment
has been made, the Season Ticket Membership card and account will be deactivated for all
matches until all outstanding instalments have been paid. Season Ticket Member benefits
will also be deactivated including any forwarded tickets/resale seats.

Season Ticket Members will have five working days after initial contact from the Club or
before the next home match (whichever comes first) to pay the remaining balance. Should
payment not be received by agreed date the Club reserves the right to sell the deactivated
Season Ticket Membership seat for any match until all outstanding instalments have been

After a third missed payment, the Club reserves the right to terminate the Season Ticket
Membership. Your seat will be cancelled and released for general sale for the remainder of
the season. Should a member wish to renew after a Direct Debit Closure, they will be
charged as a new Season Ticket Member and the club cannot guarantee the current seat
will be available.

For further information, please see our Terms & Conditions - HERE

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